The Valar Sovereignty

The Valar Sovereignty is a name given to harsh lands, mostly of windswept plains, ruled by a Kellid of the Valar line.  It is located on the planet Ferranostra.  While nearly devoid of valuable trade resources, the land possess its own rugged beauty. Despite this beauty, the land is naturally barren and only the strong live to survive.

The Sovereignty is currently ruled by the Black Sovereign, Kevroth Valar.  His reign is almost completely unopposed, but his control is far from complete; the Sovereignty is too vast a country to rule effectively with an iron fist. The people instead try to avoid the gaze of their ruler and continue living life much as they always have.  Since the arrival of the Technic League, humans of all kinds have been settling the land, hardly acknowledging the authority of the Black Sovereign, and stealing from the Kellid natives.

A Rain of Stars-
The history of the Kellid tribes on the planet Ferranostra is a long and strange tale.  On year -12950 ED, when the fall of a meteor devastated the world, the Kellids retreated to caves to weather the Age of Darkness. Though beset by subterranean predators, this proud people survived better, arguably, than many cultures.  Just over 250  years later, they emerged and successfully reclaimed their lands.  Their experience serves as a testament to their endurance and forever marks them as strong and determined survivors.  It was not many years later that the first warlord, Queen Boliga Bharsolm, rallied the local tribes into a unified whole to form the Bharsolm Sovereignty.

Yet, one single catastrophe defines the Sovereignty like no other. In -7363 ED, another disaster from above struck this land. A crippled starship from a distant system plummeted toward Ferranostra, breaking up in the atmosphere's upper reaches and scattering itself across the Sovereignty. Chunks of extraterrestrial metals and alien materials as small as fists and as large as cities slammed into the plains, burying themselves beneath the soil and bathing the landscape in otherworldly energies and radiation, an event that would be forever remembered as the Rain of Stars.  The largest section of this doomed stellar vessel would become known as Silver Mount, but across the hills and plains of the country fell innumerable smaller pieces of this colossal ship. Since that day, the countryside of the Sovereignty has been exposed to strange energies and alien substances that have mutated much of the local fauna and flora.

The final major development that would define the modern Sovereignty was the arrival of the Technic League- who initially sought to spread technological prosperity and enlightenment to the underdeveloped Kellid tribes.  However, under the leadership of Dr. Orwen Zaidow, the Technic League's Ferranostra Branch reformed and rebuilt its core structure into a more formidable organization than ever before.  Its new goal-  control and exploit the technology hidden in the land's dangerous ruins.  

When the younger Kevroth Valar, a powerful Kellid chieftain, forged an alliance with the Technic League to gain the support he needed to claim the title of Black Sovereign, he gave the Technic League the metaphorical key to power.  Thanks to its army of robots and multitude of technological equipment, the Technic League maintains a stranglehold over the Valar Sovereignty, especially controling the city of Starfall, and with it, access to the land's most notorious and deadly ruin: Silver Mount.  The Ferranostra technicians are jealous and protective of their power, and those who dare to steal from them can expect to face strange science and assassins who are willing to pursue their targets across the interstellar gap and beyond.

The Valar Sovereignty

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