The Terran Headquarters and self-proclaimed capital of the Milky Way. 

Year -55 ED:  Earth is losing its atmosphere due to a number of causes.  Knowing of Earth's inevitable death, Terrans began altering development on their starship, Ark-18.  The Ark was large enough to be constructed into a small planet that could sustain the entire population of earth.  Projects were carried out across multiple star systems, constructing large pieces that would one day come together to form the artificial planet: Empyrea.

In order to sustain the many functions required for earthlings to survive on an artificial planet,  Terrans created an artificial intelligence more complex than ever before.  They did this by expanding on an A.I. program named Unity, which was implemented in all of the Arks upon their construction.  Terrans named their new A.I. Integrity.  The completion of the entire project marks the beginning of a new calendar starting at year 0 AR.

Today Empyrea serves as headquarters for UTIC, the Angels, and the Technic League.


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