Technic League

The Technic League is a special service military organization that operates independently of any galactic government.  They recruit members from all human species, and frequently coordinate their operations with UTIC and the Angels.  The current headquarters of the Technic League is on Empyrea.

The Technic League was established to be an instrument of salvation for less developed species, and a source of knowledge and enlightenment.  Since the under-developed were even more intolerant of technology than they are today, the original Technic League was a secret society, and had to operate undercover due to UTIC bans on sharing technology.   Sidrah Imeruss, The League's founder, modeled the League as a much more simplified version of the only military structure she knew, that of UTIC which she served.


Initiates: These are a brand new League members, still in their probationary period, and likely being observed and sometimes tested for both loyalty and a specific skill set. Initiates serve their sponsoring captain and any lieutenants, and they may observe and work with technology but are forbidden to own it. Advancement in rank occurs after a period of time set by their superiors.

Members: Most members still serve their patron captains, but may collect and own their own technology, run private experiments (so long as any findings are shared with their superiors), and have some level of autonomy. Members can and do shift allegiances between captains.

Commanders, Lieutenants, and Seconds: These are the most trusted subordinates of a Technic League captain-as well as their greatest threats, as it takes only a single fatal accident to turn a lieutenant into a captain. These members have great autonomy in their experiments and personal missions, directing League resources and lesser members toward a variety of ends. Some may be in charge of League activities in whole regions or settlements, keeping an eye on local governance and League interests.

Captains: These few members are entitled to seats on the Council of Captains and have unfettered access to any League base, as well as command of lesser Technic League members and agents-even those outside of their personal coteries. While captains are in charge of looking after League interests all across the galaxy, most choose to stay in Empyrea, where the concentration of resources and information is highest, and instead send lieutenants and seconds to keep an eye on matters of governance and acquisitions.  All captains have broad discretion for accessing League resources, including technology.

Technic League

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