It has been over 100,000 years since Humans first began settling colonies beyond earth.  Mankind developed grand starships and outfitted them with experimental engines capable of opening wormholes in space.  The starships were named Arks, and were numbered 1-18 in order of production.  Thanks to this, human crews made contact with hundreds of alien societies and even brought some of their citizens on board the vast Arks, both to study and be studied.

Present year 4714 AR-  humans rule the Milky Way galaxy.  The galaxy has been divided into 3 separate regions,  each governed by a different species of human:  the Terrans, the Dullavhants, and the Xiceans.

Your First Mission

Congrats on becoming a Member of the Technic League!

-For your first assignment as member of the Technic League, you are being sent to the city of Starfall on the planet Ferranostra.  There you will be meeting with Ms. Dinvala Gaelyn, ambassador of the Valar Sovereignty

Tensions between the Valar Sovereignty and the Technic League personnel occupying Ferranostra have been growing as of late.  In response, officials have invited Ms. Gaelyn to an executive assembly on Empyrea to help determine future relations between the Technic League and the Valar Sovereignty.

-Ms. Gaelyn will be waiting for you at the Palace of Fallen Stars. Once you rendevous with her there, you will serve as her escort and guard until she is safely returned.
-There have been reports of criminal activity on Ferranostra, many of them involving a group calling themselves the 'Lords of Rust.'  Stay alert at all times.
Good luck, operative.

—Commander Hellbourne


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(Campaign based on the Pathfinder: Iron Gods Adventure Path)

Tech Quest